Sarah Ho

Violinist Sarah Ho began studying violin at the age of 9. She went on to study music at UBC under the tutelage of Jasper Wood, and has recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Violin Performance. During her study at UBC, she received awards including the Erich Wagner Memorial, Mildred Johnson Scholarship, Dr. and Mrs. A. M. Bomstead Scholarship and the Faculty of Arts Graduate Award. She has also achieved her ARCT and LRSM diplomas on piano. Teachers that have guided and inspired Sarah’s journey as a musician include Toni Stanick, Lawrie Hill, Lorraine Grescoe, Patricia Rolston and Tanya Shevstov.

Sarah is involved in the local musical theatre scene as a musician and has performed in numerous productions with various organizations including Theatre Under the Stars, Royal City Musical Theatre, Patrick Street Productions, Gateway Theatre, and United Players of Vancouver. She is also a faculty member at the Richmond Music School.