Puppeteer: Jacqueline Tyráček

Jacqueline Tyráček is a Vancouver based dancer, poet and multi-media visual artist, working primarily in ink, watercolor and oils, found object assemblage and mask-making. An avid dancer of 15+ years, she has a performance background in interpretive dance, theatrical and fire performance, and has been part of such events as Illuminaires and Parade of Lost Souls as well as various local art and fashion events. She is currently involved in several creative endeavors, including a comic book project, a film inspired ink portrait series, and a novel. Her work will be featured in the upcoming RAWartists art show at the Harbour Centre on June 7th, and will be among the vendors at the upcoming Calgary Horror Convention with her art line Cranial Moon Designs.

Dido and Aeneas: the Puppet Version (2017). Photo by Michelle Doherty from Diamond’s Edge Photography