Concert Series 2016/2017


Our final concert programme, our celebration of Canada’s 150 birthday, takes place at the Annex on May 27th and 28th. Our audience members will be invited to the world premier of three brand new compositions by three Canadian composers. Tickets available NOW!

This project has been made possible by the Vancouver Civic Theatres and by the SOCAN Foundation.

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On May 6th at the Annex, the Postmodern Camerata presented Dido and Aeneas: the puppet version

A two-and-a-half-thousand-year-old love story (based on a story from Virgil’s Aeneid), allied with 350-year-old music composed by musical genius Henry Purcell and a libretto written by the English poet laureate Nahum Tate – and, of course, for these performances only, a lively bunch of contemporary puppets! Dido and Aeneas was one of the very first operas to be written in English, whose first public performance was in 1688 at a private girl’s school in the (then-) village of Chelsea.

While the six instrumentalists (five strings plus harpsichord) and six voices from the Postmodern Camerata, led by guest musical director Dr Charles Barber (Artistic Director of City Opera Vancouver), present the music in all its baroque splendour, Kris Fleerackers leads the artistic team of puppeteers and thirty puppets (the latter ranging in size from six inches to six feet) bringing to life the characters in this timeless tale of love gone wrong: a queen desperate for a new chance at joy, a hero washed up on a foreign shore but under direction of the Gods, a sorceress and two evil witches, some very fickle sailors, and a blooded wild beast …

This project was made possible by the Vancouver Civic Theatres.



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